Assessing the Failure of The War on Drugs

White House, Washington DC

Born as a well-meaning movement against drug abuse, the War on Drugs promised a drug-free future for America. Yet looking back, the reality of its outcome remains a stark contrast to that initial promise. With no substantial reduction in drug addiction rates, this “war” has become synonymous with failure. This blog will delve into the […]

Taking A Stance Against Rainbow Washing: GS at Boston’s Pride Parade

At Gentlemen Smugglers, we are deeply committed to supporting and celebrating diversity within legal cannabis and beyond. As we enter Pride Month 2023, we want to take a moment to discuss the importance of genuine support for the LGBTQ+ community and address the issue of rainbow washing, a marketing tactic that can undermine the true […]

Diving Further into the GS Story: “Destined to Be Huge”

By now, cannabis consumers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have come to recognize Gentlemen Smugglers for our premium locally-sourced products as well as our unparalleled storytelling. Born with an outlaw spirit and a deep love for the cannabis plant, we’ve been picking up where we left off — bringing back the ‘good stuff’ to the […]

Freshly Caught Fits: Announcing Our New Line of GS Merch!

  Here at Gentlemen Smugglers, we proudly provide the Massachusetts legal cannabis market with premium flower and products. With choice strains/cultivars and options such as whole flower, individual pre-rolls and pre-roll tins, we’ve certainly got something for everyone. We’re also all about providing our customers with resources and education to make sure your cannabis use […]

Tools for Your Tackle Box – Cannabis Accessories to Pair With Your GS Products

man holding gentlemen smugglers products

If you have been following along with our previous blogs, we’ve been touching on some crucial topics related to conscious cannabis consumption. For newcomers and connoisseurs alike, being properly informed will go a long way in ensuring your experience is the best it can be. Keep reading for some choice tips regarding which cannabis accessories […]

“A Modern-Day Pirate on the High Seas”: Meet Barry “Flash” Foy

“…like being a modern-day pirate on the high seas… something that could get into a young fellow’s blood.” — Judge Falcon Black Hawkins Jr. In our first blog in our ongoing GS Blog Series, we introduced you to our brand and described our vision for the future. Let’s now begin to “Meet the Smugglers” as […]

“Some Legends are Real” – Introducing the Gentlemen Smugglers Brand

Here at Gentlemen Smugglers, we are thrilled to bring premium cannabis products to people across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s been an incredible voyage getting our brand to where it is today, and we’re looking forward to sharing our amazing (true) story! Keep following along as we briefly introduce our company, while providing a glimpse […]


With a rich background in accounting and a trail of successful mentees launching their accounting firms, Vanessa is not just a financial expert but the force behind the scenes, ensuring the numbers align for daring endeavors. Juggling the roles of being an accounting professional, mentor, business consultant, and proud DOPE CFO Pro Badge holder, she continues to bring a unique blend of dedication and organizational prowess to her role.

In 2019, Vanessa launched her accounting firm, Butler CFO & Tax, where she’s helped hundreds of firm owners and non-profit organizations scale their businesses.  She has been a driving force helping the Gentlemen Smugglers to stay successful.

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Peter Cardoz

As a passionate cannabis advocate, lifetime food enthusiast and veteran scientist, Peter brings his wealth of knowledge and love for cannabis to the Gentlemen Smugglers team. He started his research career from an early age, eventually conducting research at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, where he become published in Nature Communications.

In 2021, Peter started his own consulting company, Cardoz Blended Gourmet, and a launched a line of gourmet, live resin infused CBD culinary oils.

Cathy O'Hara

Meet Cathy, head of People Operations at Gentlemen Smugglers. Cathy is a former journalist turned Tech Pioneer. As the 35th employee at AirBNB, Cathy helped scale the home-sharing startup into the mega star it is today.

Cathy joins GS with a proven knowledge of recruiting, people leadership, community relationship building, customer service operations, workflow planning and project management. Plus she’s just a cool world traveler.