The Legacy

Back in the day, I ran a legendary marijuana smuggling ring, one of the largest in America. The weed came from Colombia and Jamaica, the hash from Lebanon, and the crew from coastal South Carolina…illicit entrepreneurs who risked treacherous waters, civil wars, incarceration, and sanity to rise to the top.

We were called the Gentlemen Smugglers.

Between 1971 and 1986, we owned the East Coast trade, smuggling over 250 tons of cannabis to the masses. These were the glory days of cannabis and in a very real way, we were the distributors and dispensaries of that time. It was a high stakes game of cat and mouse and an adventure that ended in spectacular fashion; we became the main targets of Operation Jackpot, the opening act in President Reagan’s War on Drugs. I got tagged with the federal kingpin statute – Code §848 Continuing Criminal Enterprise – and spent 11 years in prison. Most of the crew were charged with the smuggling statute – Code §545 Smuggling Goods into the United States – and like me, they paid the price.

We never lost our rogue spirit, belief in the plant, or sense of humor. We’re older and wiser now and ready to do business again, using our platform to support ending needless incarceration for nonviolent marijuana crimes.

Gentlemen Smugglers is founded on the legacy of a bygone era.  In an industry filled with ruthless people and dangerous places, we made our own rules, and we thrived.

Turns out you can be both a gentleman and a smuggler.

Meet the Team

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