In Massachusetts, we do things a little differently… Just like we did back in the day. Instead of having only one grower, we source our products from a few, a reminder of the old days smuggling from Jamaica, Colombia, and Lebanon. We have friends that grow really amazing cannabis and we like to showcase that. You like high quality cannabis, and Gentlemen Smugglers is here to provide.

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Since 1971, we have been spreading joy. With Gentlemen Smugglers Cannabis, you have the freedom to select from five delightful experiences: Vapes, Flower Single Pre-Rolls, mini Pre-Roll Tins, and Concentrates.

massachusetts strains

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Our team is meticulously curating a collection of strains for our Massachusetts locations, ensuring that each one reflects the highest standards of quality. We understand the importance of not rushing the process, because just like in our smuggling days, attention to detail is key. Stay tuned as we unveil our carefully selected strains, symbolizing our journey from the shadows to the spotlight of legal cannabis.

Our Partners

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Green Meadows has forged an alliance with Gentlemen Smugglers Cannabis Company, marking a significant chapter in the history of both entities. Green Meadows, with its rich legacy dating back to 1928 when General George S. Patton, Jr. established the farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts, has always been dedicated to community service and supporting veterans on their journey to wellness. Now, with the partnership with Gentlemen Smugglers Cannabis Company, Green Meadows aims to elevate its commitment by integrating premium cannabis products into their offerings. This strategic union not only combines the historical significance of Green Meadows with the innovation of Gentlemen Smugglers but also promises a unique and transformative cannabis experience for the communities they jointly serve. Together, they envision shaping the future of cannabis while staying true to the values that have defined Green Meadows for nearly a century.

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Find our products in these fine establishments. In addition, we’re still expanding our reach! Let us know if you have a favorite dispensary that would be a good fit for Gentlemen Smugglers.


With a rich background in accounting and a trail of successful mentees launching their accounting firms, Vanessa is not just a financial expert but the force behind the scenes, ensuring the numbers align for daring endeavors. Juggling the roles of being an accounting professional, mentor, business consultant, and proud DOPE CFO Pro Badge holder, she continues to bring a unique blend of dedication and organizational prowess to her role.

In 2019, Vanessa launched her accounting firm, Butler CFO & Tax, where she’s helped hundreds of firm owners and non-profit organizations scale their businesses.  She has been a driving force helping the Gentlemen Smugglers to stay successful.

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Peter Cardoz

As a passionate cannabis advocate, lifetime food enthusiast and veteran scientist, Peter brings his wealth of knowledge and love for cannabis to the Gentlemen Smugglers team. He started his research career from an early age, eventually conducting research at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, where he become published in Nature Communications.

In 2021, Peter started his own consulting company, Cardoz Blended Gourmet, and a launched a line of gourmet, live resin infused CBD culinary oils.

Cathy O'Hara

Meet Cathy, head of People Operations at Gentlemen Smugglers. Cathy is a former journalist turned Tech Pioneer. As the 35th employee at AirBNB, Cathy helped scale the home-sharing startup into the mega star it is today.

Cathy joins GS with a proven knowledge of recruiting, people leadership, community relationship building, customer service operations, workflow planning and project management. Plus she’s just a cool world traveler.