Smuggling in Style: Announcing Our New Merch

gentlemen smugglers stash hat merch

Are you ready to break the norms, celebrate rebellion and radiate audacious charm while wrapped around in authenticity and style? Buckle up, space cowboys and cowgirls, we recently released a new batch of exciting merch! Here at Gentlemen Smugglers, we’re all about empowering each rebel to express their lush spirit and unique narratives.

Our new merch line isn’t just about unparalleled fashion mixed with unmatched storytelling. It’s about strutting a testament to celebrating freedom, and wearing your bold aura on your sleeve. These elite pieces are immortal expressions of our DNA, designed meticulously for those who dare to explore beyond the ordinary.

Keep reading as we highlight some stellar selections to get you smuggling in style!

Featured Products:

Stash Hat

Our black snapback “Stash Hat” manifests a balance of mystery and rebel chic — boasting a rain-checked gray under-brim illustrating a tidal creek narrative, our roaring white wordmark, and a bolt on the temple in honor of Barry “Flash” Foy, taking you back in time to the 70s & 80s vibes. 

gentleman smugglers stash hat

The hat doesn’t just stop at making a fashion statement; it comes with a hidden stash pocket equipped with velcro for a tight seal. It’s a bold whisper of the outlaw spirit within each of us, a chance to don your rebellion with a nostalgic wink.

inside view of stash hat

GS 848 Five Panel Cap

Introducing the ‘Three Bars 848’ Hat! This Five-Panel number blends old-school charm with a modern-day edge, perfect for the rule-breakers and the style makers out there.

gentleman smugglers GS 848 five panel cap

Unlike our other headwear, this cap doesn’t boast our wordmark logo loudly. Instead, it’s a quiet conspirator, a low-key ally supporting GS while also letting you fly under the radar.

Gentlemen Snugglers Cotton Onesies (Unisex)

gentleman smugglers cotton onesie

Step into a world of comfort and charm with our Gentlemen Snugglers Cotton Onesies – the epitome of throwback bliss, authenticity, and gender-neutral allure. These snuggle-worthy onesies are your perfect accomplice, whether you’re stargazing on a cool night, rocking a chill weekend getaway with your crew, or rolling through a casual day at home. 


PORSCHE 911 – 1971 – Unisex 34 Sleeve Baseball Tee & Short Sleeve Tee


Introducing our nostalgic yet daring Porsche Shirts. Why Porsche, you ask? Barry Foy didn’t just like Porsche – he LOVED them:

Picture Barry stormin’ into a dealership, prepped with nothing but a paper sack full of cold, hard cash… $25,000 in cash, dumped right there on the salesman’s desk, causing him to close the blinds in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it haste. Gulpin’ air like a fish outta water, the stunned salesman, now well aware of the high-stakes trade happening behind those glass walls, takes a moment. Gathering up the money, he finally extends a shaky hand saying, “Sir, you got a deal.”

Don the spirit of such audacious escapades with our Porsche shirts, crafted for the modern-day maverick who appreciates a tale well-told with their cannabis. Drench yourself in the legacy of Gentleman Smugglers, not just wearing a shirt but an emblem of unapologetic authenticity!

gentleman smugglers unisex sleeve tees

Men’s Rashguards – Tripple Bar 848 (White) & 848 Bands (Black)

Introducing our Surf Rashguard shirts – they’re more than just style and protection; they’re drenched in history. The three bars motif on the arm and back of the neck are a nod to our three founders, as well as a way for us to include the 848. This isn’t just another surf shirt; it’s a statement, a salute.

gentlemen smugglers men's rash guard optionsgentleman smugglers men's rash guard triple bar white

‘Meet the Smugglers’ Gear

If you’ve been following along with our Journal, we’ve been highlighting some of the unique and legendary characters that made the Gentlemen Smugglers crew so memorable. Now, you can be a part of the story by rocking their merch!

Barry “FLASH” Foy – Lighting the Fuse of Rebellion

Legend says he could vanish into the ether, leaving nothing but a whisper of smoke. Drape yourself in the Barry “FLASH” Foy tee, and channel the quicksilver vibes of the man who danced with danger, a tribute to those who live life in the blink of an eye.

Female Smugglers – Majesties of the High Tides

These dames weren’t just participants; they were the unstoppable force, the QUEENPINs of their game. Wrap yourself in these QUEENPIN tees and let the world know you’re not just riding the waves – you’re leading the charge.

Capt Judy – The Original Trailblazer

Here’s to Capt Judy, a pioneer who steered her ship through tempests and tales alike. Sailing from distant shores, bearing more than just strains of the finest – but stories of wars, tempests, and triumphs. The CAPTAIN JUDY tee isn’t just a piece of fabric; it’s a slice of history, a token of the undying spirit of those who navigate beyond the horizon.

Miami Tammy – The Admiral of Adversity

Miami Tammy, the regal renegade, the Admiral who ruled the murky waters where only the daring dared venture. Wearing the MIAMI TAMMY tee is like wearing a crown, not one of jewels and gold, but of grit, courage, and the untold treasures of the deep.

Pinckney Greene – The Asphalt Pirate

Let’s not forget Pinckney Greene, “Mr. 95,” the road warrior with tires forged from the very essence of adventure. His tale wasn’t simply about the loads he ran; it was about the miles of untold stories, the whispers of freedom that rides the Atlantic breeze. The PINCKNEY GREEN tee pays homage to the spirit of the highway – endless, unfettered, and wildly free.

Stay Tuned for More Gentlemen Smugglers Merch & Smuggle in Style!

Gentlemen Smugglers isn’t just about providing out-worldly cannabis products; we stitch stories, blend eras, and, above all, celebrate the spirit of adventure and defiance. With our new merch, we invite you to smuggle in style, wearing your stance and breaking stereotypes, one outfit at a time.

So, come along, fashionable outlaws! Imbibe the spirit of rebellion, frame your personal narratives of audacious authenticity, and sear the world with your blazing style.

These selections are mere taste of our wide array of offerings — be sure to check out our full merch page here

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