A Closer Look at MA’s Adult-Use Cannabis Guidelines

Hey Outlaws! A brand new year is in full swing, and there have been a lot of exciting happenings in the Gentlemen Smugglers world. We’re thrilled about all the amazing connections we have made as we’ve brought our company and our unmatched story to the people who’ve been missing the ‘good stuff.’

For those savvy canna-explorers already familiar with GS, in our journal we’ve been covering some crucial topics to get you consuming with the proper knowledge and with the proper style. Because we were proud and excited to launch our operations in Massachusetts, in this blog, we wanted to take a closer look at some adult-use cannabis guidelines as well as some recent news.

Back in the day we dodged the law, but now we’re doing things by the book. Knowing all you need to know and being optimally aware regarding consumption will ensure you’ll have the best time possible when enjoying our products or any others within the Bay State.


Legal Cannabis Consumption in Massachusetts: What to Know

Whether you are a longtime cannabis lover or a relative newcomer to the incredible prowess of the plant, it is important to be informed before you spark up. Other than having to be 21 or older to consume, and not being able to consume in public, there are some other guidelines at play here.

Here are the biggest points and questions everyone should consider when consuming responsibly in Massachusetts:

  • Can out-of-state visitors purchase cannabis within the state?

This is a common question, short answer: “Yes.” Out-of-state visitors may purchase cannabis products within the state, however, they are prohibited from transporting it across state lines.

  • Driving high is strictly prohibited. 

Just as with driving drunk, driving while high is strictly prohibited within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With so many great transportation options (both public and private) — there’s no excuse to put yourself or others in danger.

  • Any cannabis must be locked away safely.

To keep your children and your furry friends safe, be sure to lock up more than one ounce of cannabis if you have it in your possession.

  • Mailing cannabis is prohibited. 

Although possessing and consuming is legalized, it is still illegal to send any amount of cannabis through the mail.

  • No open containers. 

You can receive a $500 fine for having an open container of cannabis in the passenger area of your vehicle, so be sure to keep it locked in the trunk or your glove compartment.

  • Driving across state lines with cannabis is prohibited.

Speaking of vehicles, it is illegal to transport any amount of cannabis outside of Massachusetts state lines, in any mode of transportation.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can carry at one time?

On your person, you are able to carry one ounce of cannabis at a time. In your home, you are allowed to possess 10 ounces in total.

  • Rules may vary. 

Because the rules may vary depending on where you are, it’s important to check with your employer, landlord, and town/city municipalities for their particular cannabis guidelines.


Gov. Baker Signs Sweeping New Cannabis Legislation

On the topic of municipalities and cannabis guidelines, recently there as been some major positive news coming out of the legislative sector. In the latest substantial update of Massachusetts’ cannabis legislation, Governor Charlie Baker has signed into law a bevy of initiatives aimed at improving the existing guidelines.

Among them are many efforts to infuse more equity into the legal industry, with the goal of helping those who have been harmed by the War on Drugs. However, there is also one piece of legislation included in this new bill that concerns on-site consumption.

According to the Massachusetts Municipal Association, the new law “codifies a new process for municipalities to allow on-site consumption of marijuana, which had previously been prohibited.”

This subject has been addressed previously, but only in this recent legislation has it been allowed to move forward. You might be wondering why social consumption has taken so long to enact?


Per WGBH’s Katie Lannan:

“Yeah, it really is fascinating to see kind of the turnaround in people’s mindsets in a few years since this ballot question was first passed in 2016. That law did include social consumption sites, and the Cannabis Control Commission started talking in 2017 about possible ways to regulate that. 

They ended up putting that part of the law on hold and doing kind of a staggered rollout amid concerns from some in state government that it was too ambitious to do everything all at once.

So there were regulations approved in 2019, but there was the idea that there needed to be a law change so that cities and towns could opt in, that they could find a way to authorize these sites. 

So that’s what this law does. And there’s been concerns from the governor, who opposed the 2016 ballot question. He has thought in the past that a pilot is the way to go. But he’s also had concerns about impaired driving possibilities if you’re creating new ways for people to dive in. 

So apparently lawmakers did manage to send him something he could get on board with, though, since he signed this bill into law.”


When it comes to making cannabis more accessible and socially enjoyable, here at GS, we support any new initiatives such as this freshly enacted on-site consumption guideline. We hope to see more and more of such growth as we continue to move forward in this amazing legal cannabis era.


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