‘Tiderunner’ Logistics: The Importance of Tides

After years of research and development, our team is beyond excited to launch the GS brand.

In our other blogs – we’ve briefly introduced you to our company, had you meet kingpin Barry “Flash” Foy, and covered why we chose to launch in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Let’s now talk about another vital topic that concerns smugglers’ lore and also relates intimately to our first product offerings: the importance of tides.

The Planetary Importance of Ocean Tides

First, let’s touch on why tides are so important for our planet. They are caused by the magnetic pull that the Moon and the Sun have on the Earth.

Many crucial factors that concern our everyday lives are impacted by ocean tides. These include worldwide ship navigation, the fishing industry, weather patterns, surfing, among many others. Tides have also been shown to be effective renewable alternative energy sources!

Ecosystems also depend on tides – nourishing marine life, supporting tide pool organisms, allowing sea turtles to lay their eggs, and seabirds to catch fish. As you can see, the tides affect a tremendous amount of life on this planet, and they also just so happen to be crucial in the world of smuggling.

(And especially for marijuana smuggling…)

Tides & Their Connection to the World of Smuggling

For the Gentlemen Smugglers, tides were critical because they dictated just how successful a particular smuggling ‘op’ would turn out to be. Many smugglers were also known as ‘Tiderunners’ for their ability to offload at just the right time.

Of course, throughout their exploits, there were plenty of occasions in which everything in the deal seemed to go right, until they were derailed by one tiny little ‘hiccup’: the tides.

As you can imagine, these tiny hiccups always had a ripple effect. With every minute that was spent waiting on a tide, the chances of the tiderunners not being able to get their vessel in/out of a harbor or dock increased exponentially.

About Our Products – Introducing “High-Tide” and “Low-Tide”

Our team was inspired by the tides when we were choosing the specifics of our product selections, and felt that launching with the categories of “High Tide” & “Low Tide” perfectly summed up our intentions.

With our Gentlemen Smugglers Premium Cannabis Products, you’re free to choose between two tasty experiences to pack in your tacklebox for wherever your (responsible) adventures may take you:

“High Tide” (Sativa-leaning; great for daytime use) & “Low Tide” (Indica-leaning; great for nighttime use).

Here are the initial product offerings we will be launching with:


We’re back in the game — this time to bring locally-sourced Massachusetts flower to the cannabis enthusiasts of the Commonwealth, consistently focusing on providing classic strains as well as the latest in boutique cultivars.


Every one of our Gentlemen Smugglers Single Pre-Rolls is composed of locally-sourced premium cannabis flower that is carefully rolled in natural paper, for smooth sailing and a consistent, effortless burn all the way down.


Gentlemen Smugglers 5 Pre-Roll Tins: the ideal option for easy, effective cannabis consumption. Our tins are designed for discrete storage, ensuring the preservation of all that locally-sourced, terpene-rich flower goodness.

Watch the Tide & Enjoy the Ride with Gentlemen Smugglers Premium Cannabis!

We plan to make big waves as we get set to enter the exciting Massachusetts legal cannabis market. From our incredible (true!) story, to our unmatched selection of locally-sourced premium cannabis products, we’ve got something to entice all cannabis enthusiasts and beginners alike.

With that being said, keep your eyes peeled to the horizon for upcoming products and upcoming blogs. We’ll be diving deeper into the Gentlemen Smugglers story, providing exclusive access to the untold tales of former smugglers, and much, much more!


With a rich background in accounting and a trail of successful mentees launching their accounting firms, Vanessa is not just a financial expert but the force behind the scenes, ensuring the numbers align for daring endeavors. Juggling the roles of being an accounting professional, mentor, business consultant, and proud DOPE CFO Pro Badge holder, she continues to bring a unique blend of dedication and organizational prowess to her role.

In 2019, Vanessa launched her accounting firm, Butler CFO & Tax, where she’s helped hundreds of firm owners and non-profit organizations scale their businesses.  She has been a driving force helping the Gentlemen Smugglers to stay successful.

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Peter Cardoz

As a passionate cannabis advocate, lifetime food enthusiast and veteran scientist, Peter brings his wealth of knowledge and love for cannabis to the Gentlemen Smugglers team. He started his research career from an early age, eventually conducting research at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, where he become published in Nature Communications.

In 2021, Peter started his own consulting company, Cardoz Blended Gourmet, and a launched a line of gourmet, live resin infused CBD culinary oils.

Cathy O'Hara

Meet Cathy, head of People Operations at Gentlemen Smugglers. Cathy is a former journalist turned Tech Pioneer. As the 35th employee at AirBNB, Cathy helped scale the home-sharing startup into the mega star it is today.

Cathy joins GS with a proven knowledge of recruiting, people leadership, community relationship building, customer service operations, workflow planning and project management. Plus she’s just a cool world traveler.