A decade running the cannabis trade from Miami to Massachusetts earned us a decade behind bars.

Would we do it again? Heck yeah...this time in the legal market.

Premium Cannabis for the Outlaw in All of Us.

With our Gentlemen Smugglers Premium Cannabis, you’re free to choose between three tasty adventures: “High Tide” (Sativa-leaning, great for daytime use), “Mid Tide” (Hybrid leaning, great for anytime use) & “Low Tide” (Indica-leaning, great for nighttime use).

Some Legends
Are Real

There’s a story about a band of Southern smugglers led by Barry “Flash” Foy that built an empire on the East Coast in the ’70s and ’80s. Fun-loving renegades known to the media, and to the federal agents who pursued them, as the Gentlemen Smugglers. It was an epic chase that cost them their freedom and cemented their legacy.

Meet the Smugglers

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A Shared Mission

We support ending needless incarceration for nonviolent marijuana crimes.

Gentlemen Smugglers is an official Partner for Freedom with the Last Prisoner Project.

We support Justice for Jawara, a campaign geared towards breaking the stigma around cannabis and supporting families directly affected by its prohibition.